Colozone Plus

Natural Colon Cleansing and Detoxification

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Trading since 2000, Markwell Nutrition takes pride in delivering high-quality products to our clients. We initially started with a unique product for the relief of constipation and to aid in gastrointestinal detoxing, which was made from natural ingredients only. In 2014, we re-formulated this fantastic product which was an improvement on the original. Namely ColozonePlus.

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In 2018, we launched two new products: Australian Spirulina and Organic Psyllium Husks to help clients detox and supplement their diet with nurturing nutrients. Our intention is to keep expanding the range of Markwell Nutrition products to serve your needs better. Thank you for your support and continued business. We appreciate and value each and every one who uses and recommends our products.

Colozone Plus

Magnesium-based premium and natural colon cleansing and detoxification product. Helps with bowel regularity and constipation, reduce stomach acid and also acts as a magnesium supplement.

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Natural, Drug Free Supplement and Colon Detox Products

We wanted to create a natural, safe supplement for happier intestines and overall health —so we did! It’s called ColoZone Plus.


Per 5ml metric teaspoon (1g)

  • All Natural

    Naturally sourced with high quality ingredients.

  • Natural Mineral Laxative

    Assist in the relief of constipation

  • Natural Antacid

    Reduce acid in the stomach

  • Magnesium Booster

    Magnesium helps regulate hundreds of body systems

  • Colon Cleanser

    Cleanse the colon and support healthy digestion

  • Detoxification

    Rid the body of toxic and unhealthy substances

A look at the digestive system

Phase 1

Food Is Broken Down

Before we can start talking about constipation, first we need to understand the digestive system, how it works, and digestive health in general. If you want to put things very simply, basically the digestive system is a collection of organs within your body that work in synergy with one another to take produce we consume, convert it into fuel for the body, extract beneficial nutrients from it, and expel waste that we don’t need. To get more technical however, think of it like this. You’ve had a long day, you’re tired, you’ve not eaten, and you’re feeling very hungry. Suddenly, as you walk past the local pizza place, the scent of freshly baked pizza pie hits your nostrils and sends your mouth in salivation overload. Even though you’ve not even laid eyes upon the delicious dish of cheesy pizza goodness, the fact that your mouth is salivating shows that your digestive system is already doing its job. If you are lucky enough to pick up said pizza and take it home, the second you open the box and take a bite out of it, salivary glands within your mouth produce yet more saliva. Saliva contains enzymes that help to break down the food as you chew it, plus the liquid makes it easier for you to chew or masticate (don’t laugh!) and break down. Each day the average person produces around 1 litre of saliva, although if you hang around too many pizza places that amount is likely to triple. So, the saliva and the action of your teeth, breaks down the pizza and basically turns it into small pieces of mush before you swallow it, but what then?

Phase 2

Food makes its way down the Esophagus

Next the masticated food makes its way down your Esophagus, which is a tube connecting the stomach with the throat. Muscles in the throat contract and propel the chewed pizza down the throat, while muscles in the wall of the Esophagus create concentrated waves which force the food downwards towards the stomach. This is a process known technically as Peristalsis. As it reaches the end of the Esophagus, pressure created via the food sends a signal to the Esophageal sphincter telling it to relax to let the food pass through and make its way to the stomach.

Once it enters the stomach, the stomach actually begins churning and mixing up the food further, like a gentle food processor almost. Along with this, special digestive glands located in the stomach secrete digestive acid and enzymes, which, along with the churning action, helps to break the food down into even smaller pieces. The acids and enzymes are mixed together with what is left of the food to form a paste, which is technically known as ‘Chyme’. When the stomach is happy that everything is mixed well and broken down, little by little it passes through a valve known as the Pylorus, and enters the duodenum, which you may know as the small intestine. Here the food, or Chyme, is combined with yet more enzymes and juices, this time from the gall bladder, the pancreas, and the liver. Enzymes from the pancreas are secreted to break down the macronutrients (protein, fats, and carbs) whereas the liver produces bile to help improve lipid (fat) digestion. The gall bladder is used to store bile and squeeze it through bile ducts, into the small intestine.

Phase 3

Final Stages of Digestion

In the final stages of digestion, what was left of the delicious pizza you ate not long ago, continues to be broken down by digestive juices and enzymes to break it down into small pieces of nutrients that the body can absorb. Finally, it makes its way to the ileum, which is the longest part of the small intestine. Here through the walls of the ileum, any remaining nutrients that are needed by the body but have not yet been absorbed, are absorbed. After this phase, what may have been left of the food is nothing more than water, electrolytes, and waste products that will do the body no good at all, and which, if left, would actually cause harm. The residue continues to make its way along, until it passes through the colon where pretty-much all the water is absorbed. The end result is typically a formed, brown substance which we’ll call stool. Yeah, it’s poop. In the colon are muscles which contract to break the stool into more manageable pieces that make their way through to the lower colon and rectum. When the walls of the rectum become stretched, this signals that the body is ready for a bowel movement. A healthy bowel movement will involve muscles in the anal sphincter (seriously, stop laughing!) relaxing, while muscles in the rectum contract. This pattern of muscle contraction will result in your body expelling the stool. And that’s how a typical bowel movement occurs. However, if you happen to suffer from constipation, things are sadly a great deal more painful than that. And are far from simple.

What Customers Like About Colozone Plus

'I have used ColoZone for over 7 years now'
“I am over 65 years old and suffered from Chronic Constipation for many years. A Herbalist suggested ColoZone which now replaces the purging Pharmaceutical preparations that made me feel quite ill. I have used ColoZone for over 7 years now. ColoZone is simple to use with quick results.”


‘I have used ColoZone for 12 years’
“I have used ColoZone for 12 years. I had suffered with Chronic Constipation since I was a teenager. My Chiropractor Naturopath suggested ColoZone which provided immediate results and I no longer suffer from this terrible complaint. I now have a healthy life, Regular Bowels by only using this Natural product.”


‘She has taken ColoZone every day for 4 years’
“My 24 year old daughter had suffered from Lazy Bowel Syndrome and Gluten Intolerance for many years. After trying most purging drugs a Gastroenterologist recommended ColoZone. She has taken ColoZone every day for 4 years and no longer suffers from the effects of this terrible LBS condition.”


‘I have used ColoZone everyday for the past five years’
“All my adult life since having my first child, I had suffered from Chronic Constipation. I have tried and been prescribed almost all laxatives that have been produced. After 30 years of suffering, I sought the advice of a Gastroenterologist who recommended ColoZone. I have used ColoZone everyday for the past five years and no longer suffer from Constipation”